The USA Clay Target League and COVID-19

UPDATE – Wednesday, April 1st 2020

The League thanks you for your patience and understanding in the uncertainty arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. The League has worked hard to provide the most opportunity for athletes to participate this year despite the hurdles we’re all experiencing.

Registration for the season will continue through April 13th, but for those athletes and teams that feel they are unable to participate this season or complete their season by the score submission date on June 24th, the refund process for the 2020 season can be found below.

Those athletes that remain registered for the Modified 2020 Spring Season will be rewarded with a special limited-edition t-Shirt and a full-year subscription (4 issues) to PullUSA Magazine beginning with our Spring Issue, which features current World Champion Ashley Carroll. This special package ($40 value) is the League’s way of saying THANK YOU to all the dedicated athletes and parents who have endured these uncertain times with us. Registered seniors are also eligible to apply for the postsecondary scholarship.

If your team or student athlete cannot participate this spring season, please strongly consider to keep your student athlete registered to take advantage of the Special Offer AND financially help the League. Financial contributions to our non-profit organization are appreciated more than ever during these very troubled times.

Modified 2020 Spring Season Participation Status Options: April 8th – April 13th Noon CT

Parents/athletes are required to communicate their participation status with their Head Coach. The coach is responsible for selecting the athlete’s participation status in the Team Management System (TMS). Participation status can be changed prior to the registration deadline on April 13 at Noon CT.

  • Participating (DEFAULT): The athlete WILL participate (submit scores) on the team and receive the Special Offer. Students may still register for the team before the registration deadline. No refund.
  • Special Offer: The athlete WILL NOT participate (no scores submitted) on the team but will receive the Special Offer. No refund.
  • Withdrawal: The athlete WILL NOT participate on the team, DOES NOT want the Special Offer, AND wants a refund for their registration fee that has been paid to the League.  

After the registration deadline, participation status can no longer be changed and refunds will not be allowed.

Seniors that maintain their registration and/or take advantage of the special offer are eligible to apply for the Jim Sable Environment & Conservation Education Scholarship.

Athletes requesting a refund for registration fees paid directly to the League will be issued to the same payment method that was used (credit card or ECheck) prior to May 15, 2020.

For the most recent information regarding the League’s COVID-19 situation, visit:

UPDATE – Monday, March 30th 2020

The USA Clay Target League thanks all of our athletes, parents, coaches, and sponsors for their patience and understanding in this unprecedented time.

In the best interest of all team and student athletes, the League has decided to extend the Modified 2020 Spring Season to June 24th. This will give athletes and teams the most opportunity to participate this season.

Due to the extension of the season into June, all League-sponsored State Tournaments and State Championships will no longer be held. The National Championship and MSHSL Clay Target State Tournament decision is postponed until further notice.

Modified & Extended 2020 Spring Season Schedule:

April 1: Special Offer and refund process announced for individuals and teams.
April 13: Team/student athlete registration closes at noon CT.
April 14: Season begins.
May 1: Score submissions available in TMS.
May 11: Team registration payment due.
June 17: Conferences announced.
June 24: Season score submission deadline 9 p.m. CT.
June 27: Week 1 results published.
June 28: Week 2 results published.
June 29: Week 3 results published.
June 30: Week 4 results published.
July 1: Week 5 and final results published.

REMINDER: The League’s Board of Directors has authorized a number of temporary changes to the League’s Policies & Procedures to facilitate the Modified Season. These changes can be found in the League’s Modified Season Policies & Procedures document.

For the most recent information regarding the League’s COVID-19 situation, visit: