2022 All-State Team!

Congratulations to the individuals below for having the top overall averages for the 2022 Spring League!

Each student listed below will get a special All-State Team Patch!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

2022 Trap All-State Team:

DUSTIN HAMILTONHermiston High School24.50
CALEB GRAUERAmity High School24.30
JAMES LANGEMadras High School24.30
PRESTON VAN NICECrane Union High School24.20
LOGAN LEEMadras High School24.10
KEIRA APLANALPOregon City High School24.10
NICHOLAS FRYCoquille High School24.00
LANE TANZEYWallowa High School24.00
CHASE LANTISHermiston High School23.90
EVAN MARTENCrane Union High School23.80
RYDER SAWYERDouglas High School23.80
AUSTIN WILLISONMountain View High School23.80
BRANDON SLATERCanby High School23.70
MARGARET LONGDouglas High School23.70
SHANE LONGDouglas High School23.70
BLAKE HARPERHermiston High School23.70
GRANT WALKERCascade Christian High School23.60
PATRICK FRISCHLa Grande High School23.60
GUS BRUNNERYamhill-Carlton High School23.60
HUNTER STEPHENSDouglas High School23.50
TYLER BORDERSRainier Jr/Sr High School23.50
CASH TANZEYWallowa High School23.50
AJ BOVEEWilsonville High School23.50
MASON GRAUERAmity High School23.40
RADLEY GRIGGSHermiston High School23.30
MAISON SORENSONMolalla High School23.30
AARON BRUNNERYamhill-Carlton High School23.30
WALTER DAHMEYamhill-Carlton High School23.30
JESSE LUTTRELLYamhill-Carlton High School23.30
TROY TOVEYAloha High School23.20
MASON BELLAmity High School23.20
EMERY HAMMONDCrane Union High School23.20
COLTON KOHLERDouglas High School23.20
AYDEN GRIESENAUERCanby High School23.10
MICHAEL KYLLOMolalla High School23.10
OLIVER ZURBRUGGSilverton High School23.10
IAN SCHWENDTillamook High School23.10
SIMON WOODALLWest Albany High School23.10
RYAN LONGAloha High School23.00
JOHN OTLEYCrane Union High School23.00
AUSTIN GARBERGHermiston High School23.00
MAKENNA SHORTSLa Grande High School23.00
CODY HEPLERMolalla High School23.00
PARKER REENTSWilsonville High School23.00
JEREMIAH HINDMANNorth Medford High School22.90
EMMA ROBERTSOregon City High School22.90
JEDREK SHETLERSilverton High School22.90
CODY RAYEcho High School22.80
ALLEN OSMINHermiston High School22.80
BRYCE WILSONHermiston High School22.80
DEVYN HINGNewberg High School22.80
TRISTIN STOUTRainier Jr/Sr High School22.80
CECELIA PETRAITISYamhill-Carlton High School22.80