2016 Spring League

Spring League Overview

skeet shootingJoin Oregon’s newest and safest high school sport!

Schools and student athletes from across Oregon are invited to join the inaugural 2016 spring league!

Student athletes considering joining a team are required to earn a state-issued hunter education/firearm safety certificate. Existing teams may have limited availability to add new athletes – check with your school. New teams are only limited by the number of athletes that can be on a team as determined by coaching resources and shooting range capabilities.

New teams are allowed to join the 2016 spring trap shooting league. Learn more about how to start a new team. Once your team is approved, simply have a school official contact us and let us know!

s-trapshooting4-5-25-201x3002016 schedule:

  • Now – March 1: Get team approved, begin promoting new team, acquire students, hold open house to recruit students, acquire coaches.
  • January 15: Student athlete registration begins – Coaches enter qualified athletes’ names in their Team Management System™ and distribute password and registration website link to parents to register their athletes. Athletes aged 18 years or older can register themselves.
  • March 1: Team commitment to spring league ends – Otherwise schools have to wait until the following spring.
  • March 15: Student athlete registration ends – Rosters are set. NO EXTENSIONS ALLOWED.
  • April 3: Practice Week 1 begins – Teams are allowed to shoot their scheduled event up to two days a week including weekends. Event schedule begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Scores must be entered into their Team Management System™ by 9:00 p.m. on Saturday.
  • April 10: Practice Week 2 begins. Conferences are determined.
  • April 17: Reserve Week begins – “Reserve” scores are used if a competition week score is not submitted. Reserve Week scores are typically used if a team’s schedule event gets cancelled (inclement weather or school event) and cannot get re-scheduled during the same week or a coach forgets to enter scores before the deadline.
  • April 24: Competition Week 1 begins – Competition Week scores are the scores used for conference competition. Scores are published at 9:30 p.m. on each Competition Week event.
  • May 1: Competition Week 2 begins
  • May 8: Competition Week 3 begins
  • May 15: Competition Week 4 begins
  • May 22: Competition Week 5 begins
  • May 29: Fun Week begins – Fun Week allows teams to host special events for parents/school officials/sponsors, try other sports such as skeet, 5-stand, or sporting clays, practice for year-end tournaments, or team picnic.
  • June 25: State Tournament – Hillsboro, OR – All participants are invited to compete for individual and team awards in performance categories. Categories include: Novice (0-14.99 year-end average), Junior Varsity (15-18.99), and Varsity (19-25).

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View our frequently asked questions to learn more about school and athlete eligibility, coaching and shooting ranges or contact us to get started with your new team today!